Introduction is a Balancer-like DEX (Decentralized Exchange) running on the Secret Network. It has been created with an emphasis on:

  • Offering competitive rates to traders.
  • Fostering a zero-inflation growth model that pays sustainable returns over time to all stakeholders: traders, LPs, and liquid stakers.
  • Giving all users a simple and elegant trading experience, but optionally exposing advanced features to those who want them.

While other DEXes exist on the Secret Network, they suffer from a number of issues.

Traders experience:

  • Frequently failed trades
  • Laggy routing or outright lack of routing capabilities
  • High slippage on trades

Similarly, liquidity providers experience:

  • "Performance Blindness" - Inability to track the growth of their deposited assets
  • Unsustainable LP rewards that dry up after a few months
  • High impermanent loss for Uniswap-style pools
  • Thin trading volume due to low network adoption, resulting in low yields