Slippage & Fees


As with any AMM that relies on liquidity pools, trades across Blizzard incur slippage (discrepancy between the pool exchange rate and the market rate). Slippage is reduced by swapping through pools with higher liquidity and, in the case of 1:1 trades, swapping through stable pools. When executing a swap, forced slippage can be mitigated by specifying a min_amount_out, which will cause the swap to fail if slippage is too high.


Swaps across each pool on Blizzard incur a small fee of about 0.35 percent that dex users pay directly to liquidity providers and to SNO holders for governance services. Blizzard's fee breakdown is as follows:

0.125%SNO Holders (sent by users to $SNO holders)
0.225%Liquidity Providers (left behind in liquidity pool)