SNO Token

SNO is the token Blizzard ues as its DEX token. Users holding $SNO tokens can choose to trade them, or receive referral fees directly from dex users as detailed in Blizzard's fee model. The SNO token conforms to the SNIP-24 standard for private tokens.

SNO Supply

SNO's supply breakdown is as follows:

PercentUse CaseVesting
8.5%Secret Network airdrop to incentivize new users. Include SCRT Stakers SecretDAO NFTs, Ample agent holders, and OG anons.Phased
4%Launch costsInstant, at launch
15%Seeding SNO/SCRT, SNO/?, ?, ? exchange poolsN/A, owned by the protocol
38%Liquidity MiningDistributed linearly across 10 years after launch. Fixed supply, no continuous minting.
27%Development Fund12% upfront, 12% locked with linear vesting, spread across 4 years.
7.5%Private Raise2 years.